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The object of Juridical Solutions PLC is to provide prompt, professional and efficient Mediation and Arbitration services.  The hourly rates charged for the professional services of the Mediators and Arbitrators will vary by type of case, geographic location and expertise of the professionals supplied.

Generally speaking, the hourly rates for our Senior Professionals range from Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00) per hour to Four Hundred Dollars ($400.00) per hour.    These charges will be made for all of the services provided by the Mediator or Arbitrator, including but not limited to preparation time, hearings, reviewing parties’ submissions, preparation of awards and any follow-up with the parties and/or their counsel.

There is no charge for the first hour of travel time, and travel time in excess of one (1) hour will be charged at Fifty Percent (50%) of the Professional’s hourly rate.

Ther is no Administrative Fee for a Mediation or Arbitration Session; however, there is a minimum fee of four (4) hours at the Hourly Rate for any Mediation or Arbitration or for any session which is cancelled by one or more of the parties.

Mediation – Political Statement or Business Strategy?

In 2011 “Occupy Wall Street” held America’s attention for a few weeks. According to Wikipedia, OWS was “a left-wing protest movement ... against economic inequality.” I took this photo at Zuccotti Park before the occupation ended.  I happened...

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Juridical Solutions PLC provides professional, efficient, and prompt ADR services to help you solve problems and settle your dispute.  The retired Judges of JS are committed to being trustworthy neutrals who listen, understand, and respond to your needs.

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